Saturday, April 11, 2009

What Will Middletown Look Like in 2030?

From Art Farm:

TRANSITION TOWN MIDDLETOWN: What will our Community Look Like in 2030? will be held at Russell Library on Tuesday, April 21 at 6:30 pm. This “Earth Day Eve” event is free and open to the public.

In a fun, informal atmosphere aimed at engaging the energy layperson as well as environmental scientists and economists, “Transition Town Middletown” is a structured forum for envisioning the community’s future. Round table discussion and activities aimed at evoking vision will ensure that everyone who attends becomes a player in the creation of Transition Town Middletown.

Over the next few decades, as the age of cheap oil ends and we increasingly begin to feel the effects of global warming, many changes will inevitably take place in our community and on our planet. A proactive, positive and creative approach to this transition will help us all be better prepared,” says ARTFARM Executive Director Dic Wheeler. “A first step is coming together and projecting a vision of where we see our community going over the next twenty years. We are presented with an opportunity to head into the future with a sense of control and choice rather than letting ourselves simply be propelled by events as they unfold. Scientists have provided us with the facts, and government is beginning to respond, but is up to common citizens to point us in the direction we would like to go. We feel that it is the obligation of artists to be the creative catalysts that provide a forum in which change can manifest.

ARTFARM cultivates theater with a commitment to simple living, environmental sustainability and social justice. ARTFARM’s annual EcoFestival in July (presented in tandem with ARTFARM’s Shakespeare in the Grove) attracts hundreds of people to a festival which puts the spotlight on local organic farmers and producers of natural products. The EcoFestival also provides a venue for local and national environmental organizations to promote their organizations in a family-friendly environment animated by musicians and circus performers. ARTFARM’s Circus for a Fragile Planet tours New England with a unique combination of circus and environmental education and was enjoyed by over 3500 people in 2008.

All members of the public are invited to join in this event. For updates and details, check . Contact or call (860) 346-4390 for info.

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