Thursday, April 23, 2009

Army Releases Draft Environmental Assessment

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has released the Environmental Assessment (EA) regarding the military training facility that they claim is mandated to be built in Middletown. This draft EA, required under the National Environmental Policy Act, will now have a 30-day period for the public to comment.  

The Corps are evaluating three sites: Ken Dooley Drive (referred to as Millenium Industrial Park, abutting the Boardman Lane parcel), Cucia Park on Smith Street, and the Bysiewicz property on Middle Street (referred to as Liberty Park).  All of these sites are in Westfield.   The EA also considers a "No Action Alternative." The Corps stated last Monday that Cucia Park is their preferred alternative.  

The training facility will include buildings of over 200,000 square feet (4.5 acres) and paved parking of 8.76 acres.  100 full-time staff will be assigned to the facility, and about 900 personnel will train there. On each weekend of the month, only about a third of the units would train on the site.  The site will include a weapons simulator, a vault, an assembly area, and various classroom and fitness training centers.  

In addition to the draft EA, the army has released a draft Finding of No Significant Impact (FNSI). The FNSI indicates that construction on the sites will not adversely affect such things as traffic, wetlands, Middletown economy, archeological artifacts, or the environment.  

The draft EA and FNSI are available on the Army Corps' Wordpress blog, as well as at the Corps' own web page.  They are also available at Russell Public Library.  The 30 day comment period began on April 22nd, and runs until May 21st, 2009.  Comments should be sent to:

Craig Kelley

BRAC Environment Coordinator

99th Regional Support Command (East)

11 Saratoga Boulevard

Devens, MA 01432

(978) 796-2606

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Anonymous said...

I clicked on the links and they do not bring you to the assessment for Middletown, just two in Texas and one in Arkansas.