Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another fire incident at Wesleyan

The Hall-Atwater Laboratories building at Wesleyan, which has been partially closed since the fire on Sunday night, has again been evacuated and closed, after a minor fire broke out around 2PM Wednesday afternoon. A senior administration official explained to me that when electrical power was returned to the building, a piece of equipment malfunctioned, sending smoke into the building. The Fire Department responded and brought hoses into the building to extinguish the fire.

Althought the damage from this latest "minor incident" does not appear to be extensive, Hall-Atwater will remain closed until 7AM Thursday morning. The full restoration of power to the research labs in the building is also likely to be delayed.

Wesleying reports that 5 firetrucks responded to this fire.


Anonymous said...

why is it a concern that 5 trucks responded. Did the friefighters now the extent of the problem prior to responding. Most likely not!

Middletown Eye (Ed McKeon) said...

Is it framed as a concern? Or is it simply a statement of fact? I think the latter.