Monday, April 13, 2009

Army Reserve Selects Cucia Park

The Army Reserve has selected Cucia Park as the site for its proposed Army Reserve Training Center in Middletown.

The final selection depends on final environmental approval and the results of the final public hearing. The city has thirty days after the environmental report is issued to react.

Cucia Park is one of three sites the Army Reserve was considering, the other two are an industrial park development on Middle Street and a farm on Boardman Lane.

Common Council member Ron Klattenberg, who headed the mayor's advisory panel for site selection was happy to hear the news.

"I'm so pleased that the Army has selected Cucia Park," Klattenberg said. "It puts the Army and the city on the same page because the property will serve the Army very well. And they're building it on a site that will serve the city very well."

"I'm going to ask the advisory panel to reconvene," Klattenberg said. "We'll take a good hard look at the report."

Middletown resident, and Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz echoed Klattenberg's enthusiasm about the Army's choice.

"I am thrilled that the Army listened to the citizens of Middletown and chose this site," Bysiewicz said. "This site is the most approporiate from so many perspectives. It's near the highway. It's near other industry and it won't threaten Maromas or valuable farm land. I will remain vigilant and advocate for that site. We can't take anything for granted, and I will continue to work with Governor Rell, the Attorney General, Rosa Delauro to be sure that this is the site the Army will use."

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Anonymous said...

Ya we are all so happy they selected Cucia Park, but aren't we still hosting a no-tax facility for nothing??? The least they can do is offer something back to Middletown taxpayers, even if the give-back is an in-kind contribution to our schools or to our community in some way.