Thursday, October 31, 2013

Vincent Loffredo, Board of Education Candidate.

From Vinnie Loffredo, Democratic candidate for the Board of Education. The Eye welcomes letters to the editor from candidates or anybody else, please submit to 
Full name, age Vincent John Loffredo, 69

Graduate of St. Sebastian’s elementary and Middletown High schools
Marquette University Bachelor’s Biology/Education
Wesleyan University graduate studies MALS Program

I’m a former teacher of general science at Guilford Jr. High, and of biology and general science at Middletown High where I also directed an alternative high school program, School Within a School.

For the past 39 years, I’ve been employed by the Connecticut Education Association where I currently serve as Director of Government and Political Relations.

Why do you want to hold public office in Middletown? 
 I believe strongly in public service. Over the past several decades, I’ve served as a member of the city’s Common Council and as a State Representative for Middletown’s 33rd district in the Connecticut General Assembly. My desire to serve continues today as a Democratic candidate for the Board of Education.

I’m a very strong supporter of public education. Our community must provide its children with the best educational opportunities that it can in order for them to have a successful, productive and fulfilling future. Our world is changing very rapidly with new technology, international competition and job opportunities that require high skills in math and science. These demands raise many questions: Will the graduates of our schools have the necessary skills to meet these and other changes and challenges? Will our teachers and administrators have the resources to provide our children with the educational opportunities they will need to be successful? As a community, are we willing to do our part financially to help assure our children’s future success? Are we prepared to work and invest in helping every child to be ready for school through high quality preschool? How do we help assure that our children do not pass through the grades without having successfully demonstrated that they are prepared to move onto the next level? Are we graduating students from high school with the appropriate skills to succeed in college, technical schools, or the job market? These are just some of the questions that I’ll be working to answer with my fellow board members, other local, state and national officials, parents, students, teachers, administrators and all other interested members of our community.

What experience do you bring to the table? 
 Throughout my adult life, I’ve been a strong advocate of public education as a teacher, elected official, and as an employee of the Connecticut Education Association.

What do you think the town’s most pressing issue is? 
 Having the necessary resources for the community to continue to successfully meet its current and future challenges.

What do love most about Middletown?
It’s people. We are a very diverse and caring community.

What do you like to do for fun?
Reading, cooking, celebrating with family and friends, viewing sports events, canoeing and kayaking.

How can residents keep up with you? 

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