Thursday, October 17, 2013

Phil Pessina: Put Middletown First!

To our Residents of Middletown,
As I ponder the House of Representative Republicans’ insensitive actions towards our country's economy and the public they are suppose to serve, it is clear to me that politics has raised its ugly head again. It shows a lack of common sense and a unwillingness to compromise, to the distain of the pubic, as they lead the charge to shut our government down!

I am very disappointed in the display of partisan politics being played out in front of the many people who have voted for and supported these members of congress and their lack of willingness to work in a bipartisan effort. They were sent there to get the business of our country done; helping or economy grow, addressing the need for job creation, health care and education, which all fall under a common goal of putting our country first!

Councilman Bibisi and my denial of renomination is in fact a microcosm of what the Republican Party is doing at the Federal Government level. A small group of Republicans (locally Seb Guiliano, Ken McClellan, Bill Wilson and their followers) are being inflexible. They have been unwilling to work in a bipartisan effort for the good our city and their past actions confirm it.

With these thoughts in mind, I am proud that both Councilman Joe Bibisi and I have shown true bipartisan leadership in our Republican Party, and had the courage to step out and move forward in true service to our city residents!

Over both of our tenures as leaders of the city’s Republican Party, we have supported many initiatives brought forward by Mayor Drew and the Democratic majority. We created jobs in our city, reduced government to make it more efficient and fiscally responsible. It was the right thing to do. We did not succumb to political pressures.

 In leadership you have to be willing to listen and to try to genuinely help solve an issue or challenge. It is what the public expects and is in their best interest. It is called service to others, not to our own self interest.

I have grown over the years to truly understand, that bad things happen to good people, as they do to bad people. However, I am reminded of the leader and ethicist Michael Josephson, whose words put our removal from our party in perspective for me:
"The reward you get for being a good person isn't a shield protecting you from misfortune, but an inner strength that helps you deal with it, overcome it, and learn from it, so you can still find love, laughter and joy, despite it!" 
I truly have found all of these over my 40 plus years of service with our city, especially over the past 6 years serving as your Councilman. I am inspired every day, as is Joe, when we receive encouragement from our many supporters, friends, and those who meet us for the first time.

A vote for us, is a vote for putting Middletown first! Please vote for Councilman Phil Pessina on Row C, 3rd line the Working Families Party line, and Councilman Joe Bibisi on Row D 4th line, the Unaffiliated line.

 Respectfully submitted,
 Councilman Philip J. Pessina
Working Families Party Candidate for Common Council

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Mr B. said...

Hats off to you Phil and great job this year. Have you had the time to look at the feedback regarding the board of education meeting the other day on the turn out possibly you could look into this and see why we have so little participation in these important events