Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Councilwomen: Minority Leader Neglected Political Obligations

To the Editor:
This letter is in response to Councilman Phil Pessina's letter regarding his "removal" from the Republican ticket.
For the past two years, Councilman Pessina has served as minority leader, representing the four minority council members, including Councilwomen Deborah Kleckowki and Linda Salafia. It was Councilman Pessina's responsibility to hold caucuses and to keep us informed of issues and matters affecting the city and most importantly information that directly affects how we vote.
Unfortunately, Councilman Pessina did not fulfill his obligations as minority leader. His self-induced separation from the Republican Party began in 2012 when the Republicans submitted a Republican budget. Seconds before the vote, Councilman Pessina informed Councilwoman Kleckowski that he would be voting with the Democrats, which in fact he did. Upon being "called out" on this matter Pessina just responded "it was for the children." 
Thereafter, Pessina was absent from town committee meetings.

Although not specifically named in his letter, he clearly was referring to Councilwoman Kleckowski and Councilwoman Salafia, inferring we did not work in the best interest of the citizens of Middletown. During council meetings, he often would make disparaging statements toward us. 
We take exception to his comments and find them insulting. Additionally, he called no caucus the first year (2012) and rarely thereafter. He also did not share with us committees in which he was asked to participate and shared no information of which he was privy with us. 
There is a laundry list of his lack of leadership and participation in the party. And, for the record, Pessina was going to abstain from voting on the teamsters contract because he is a recipient of the health care benefits then without notice he voted for the contract; yet, another example of Phil thinking about Phil.
We are proud to have been endorsed to be candidates for the Common Council.  We, in fact, do care about Middletown and its residents and vote accordingly. We respectfully ask for your vote on Nov. 5, and ask for your vote for the entire slate, ROW A.
In service to the residents of OUR community,

Councilwoman Deborah Kleckowski
Councilwoman Linda Salafia
Candidates for Middletown Council 2013

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Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies or finally telling people the truth of what happened! The sexism you endured was uncalled for.