Monday, October 21, 2013

Realistic Balance Candidates Back on the Ballot

Realistic Balance Party endorsed candidates (l-r) Stephen
Devoto, John Killian, Steve Smith
The Middletown Patch and the Middletown Press are reporting that Superior Court Judge Julie Aurigemma has ordered the Town Clerk of Middletown to place Realistic Balance candidates, who had been removed from the ballot. back on the ballot

This move is most important to Planning and Zoning candidate Steve Smith who was the only candidate completely removed from the ballot.  Other Realistic Balance Party candidates had been cross-endorsed by other parties.

Middletown has already released absentee ballots without those candidates included, but ballots for the polls had been withheld from printing until the court decision became final.

When asked Monday evening what the city planned to do about the absentee ballots, Mayor Dan Drew said he was not sure, but that he had asked the Town Clerk to formulate a plan for informing absentee voters.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that your reporting on the realistic Balance Party but Steve is all on the Democratic Ticket. Why are you not reporting on the other parties. I know you guys were at the Westville meeting last night.What happened there. The word is that the democrats ( including Mayor Drew) praised Phil Pessina and Joe Babisi.Are they not the opposition! Flip flop huh. The democratic slate and Mayor Drew called the repblicans mean sprited people. Why because they stuck up for what is they feel is right. Thats awful!
Politics as usual.