Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More Curbside Editorials

Found on the lawn of local artist, David Schulz.


Josh K. Mitchell said...

I absolutely hate this. No respect for the neighbors. It probably lowers neighborhood property values. Would you want to move next door to a wackjob who expresses himself in this unusual way?

It's not like putting up a sign for a politicl candidate. That's more subdued.

It looks amatuerish, and screams "someone pay attention to me".

I'm not saying he can't do this. It is within his rights. I am saying that choosing to do so says something not so flattering about him.

Darrell Lucas said...

Just says he likes voicing his opinion. Don't be too judgemental.

Btw if his views were more aligned with yours would you be so negative?

Darrell Lucas said...
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Bill Wilson said...

He is allowed to speak his mind but so are his neighbors. Darrel why do you care either way? He is allowed to have his opinion whether you agree or not.

Blaming just the republicans is silly as I see the senate and White House doing nothing about this but saying pass a clean CR. No compromising is bad for the country. Give people the same year delay that big business is getting. That is fair for all.