Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Come on down to the Buttonwood...

Thursday, October 10

Writers Out Loud
7 pm, $4
Talented prose writers of every ilk come to Writers Out Loud! to present up & coming works-in-progress, directly from their own pens. Join host, Cocomo Rock, and co-host, Al Bower, Jr. for an exciting literary slate filled with sinners, saints, the comedic, the tragic, the fictional, and the all too true.

Friday, October 11

The Helium Music Project
8 pm, $10
“The soulfulness and depth of the musical interaction here is evident right from the start. A most enjoyable slice of thoughtful and edgy-et-accessible modern jazz from an intriguing new group.”
~ Dave Wayne, All About Jazz.

Reserve your seat!

Saturday, October 12

7:30 - 8:30 am, free
Practicing Qi Gong will help relax your body and mind by combining simple, gentle stretching movements with focused breathing.

Community Yoga
8:45 - 10:00 am, free

From the thousands of practice hours on the mat, Terri Johnson brings a deep understanding of the yoga experience to her classes. She will be teaching a unique and varied Vinyasa Flow style as it allows her to unify her appreciation of the benefits of the different types of yoga.

An evening with Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli
8 pm, $10
Emote, Create, Inspire, Connect, Expand, Soothe, Uplift…. These intentions are the basis of their music. Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli skillfully combine thoughtful, provocative lyrics with soulful vocals and seasoned musicianship. They playfully refer to their original style as “a gentle but passionate exploration of Folk, Soul, Blues, Jazz and Pop”. If you appreciate meaningful music with eloquence, substance and style then look no further.

Reserve your seat!

Sunday, October 13
Food Not Bombs
1 - 2 pm, free
Cooking for peace and social justice! Food not Bombs welcomes you to a free vegetarian meal outside of the Buttonwood Tree. Food for people, not profit!

1 - 2 pm, free
Rumpus provides a fun, free, rhythmic space to be liberated from everyday life. Lose yourself in the powerful energy: exploring and playing instruments, beating on drums, or shaking shakers. There is a Rumpus in everyone – can you feel yours?

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