Monday, September 10, 2012

Twelfth Annual Garden Party!

The North End Action Team held its 12th Annual Garden party last Thursday. It was a wonderful event with hundreds of north end residents, partners and supporters in attendance. Check out these photos from the event!

Thank you to Citizens Bank for sponsoring the event, Wesleyan's Office of Diversity and Institutional Partnerships which donated the party rentals and to all of the tremendous restaurants and businesses that made this event so memorable!

Donations to the Menu:
 The Bridge, Esca, Empire Pizza, Fusion Bakery, It’s Only Natural, Lizzy B’s Sweet Creations, Mondo, New England Emporium, Tuscany Grill, O’Rourkes Diner, Public Market, Puerto Vallarta, Tandoor, Typhoon, Iguanas y Ranas, Mondo, the Whey Station, The Kitchen at Billings Forge, Forrest City Liquors, Javapoloza, Metro Spirits, Ford News Diner and Anne-Marie Cannata.

Donations to the Raffle:
 It’s Only Natural (ION) grocery, Middletown Area Transit (MAT), Sterling Realtors, Metro Movies, ESCG Gardener Kate Anotonucci, Christine Cicoria, Attention To Detail, Middletown Framing, ESCG gardener Lydia Brewster, ESCG Gardener Rebecca Deotte, Hair Affair, ESCG gardener Susan Aranoff, The Buttonwood Tree, Bikram Yoga and Shairon’s Salon.


Anonymous said...

Wonderfull event ! But please MEye dont allow your writters to inflate attendence by claiming "hundreds attended". Your reporter might has well said "thousands attended". I thought the Eye was a fact reporting News Blogg, the above statement leaves questions of truthfull reporting and apears to show favoritisim and selective reporting for certain groups.......just saying.

Anonymous said...

I would have liked to attend but could not afford the $35 ticket!

Bobbye said...

To anonymous 11:03

We are sorry that you missed the party. We hope that you join us next year. The $35 is a suggested donation not a ticket price (the party is also free for North End residents).So next year come on down donation or not, we will be excited to have you.

Anonymous said...

How about responding to 10:18pm Bobbye ?

joseph getter said...

The Middletown Press also reported "hundreds" in a story that was published several days prior to this Eye post.