Sunday, September 2, 2012

Food Not Bombs

FNB Volunteers and folks mingle as they enjoy a meal prepared by Food Not Bombs.

I volunteered with Food Not Bombs to serve up a free meal to those who wanted it. Food Not Bombs meets every Sunday at First Church, 190 Court Street at 11:30AM to prepare the food. The food is then served at the Buttonwood Tree, 605 Main Street at around 1PM. It was a great experience be a part of – And food came out pretty good too!

If you're interested in Food Not Bombs, here's the info:


Anonymous said...

And what dumpsters did you find your meal ???? Freaks, and its disguting.........

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

How incisive! How perceptive! Let's not allow freaks to eat vegetarian food for free in our downtown. It's an outrage!

Plus, I admire your bold avoidance of the dangling preposition and the clever wordplay: disguting instead of disgusting! Brava!

-another anonymous