Monday, September 3, 2012

Out and About in Middletown

During a leisurely afternoon out and about, Madam Nirvana (another Eye writer) and I had lunch at Tandoor Indian on Main Street, always a quick and delicious go-to lunch for me, as well as reasonably priced. We couldn't check out the new Frozen Yogurt place after our meal, because several blocks of Main Street were closed due to a gas leak. The Patch website is reporting that the gas leak occurred in Ramani's Clothiers. When we walked by, the police officer stationed at the intersection of College Street was diligently manning his post and prevented us from walking inside the cordoned off area. (Yes, being dedicated volunteer reporters, we are people who will sometimes gladly walk under some caution tape and go find out what's happening).  The officer said that the incident would likely be cleared in 30 minutes or so. Incidentally, Ramani's is going out of business and was having an excellent sale the last time I walked past. 

On our way back to our neighborhood, we walked through McCarthy Park, where the basketball courts have had nonstop action the entire summer. The large groups seem to be dwindling since all the kids went back to school, but today there was a small group of diehards still playing. The field was in use with a football game going on, and four kids were playing on the swings.  On our way out of the park and back up to High Street, we noticed what looked like a mini-Occupy protest (Occupy Middletown?). But as you might have guessed, this backyard was not the site of the latest uprising, it was just a group of friends airing out their camping tents.

What have you seen when out and about in Middletown? 
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