Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cash Mob Today at Echo Trading Co., Main St. Market

The occasional Middletown Cash Mob event is back today at 4:30 PM at Echo Trading Co. located in the Main Street Market complex.

Echo Trading Co. is a green boutique offering unique clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry and gifts. Bring $20.00 and a friend, support a local business, and pick up some early holiday gifts (or just a little something fun for yourself!).

According to the event website, an afterparty will follow at It's Only Natural Restaurant, located just down the hall in the Main Street Market.

(Info from the Cash Mob event website)

What is a cash mob?

Cash mobs encourage members of a community to make a change and help support a local business. Mobbers typically spend 10-20 dollars at the business being mobbed, which creates an immediate economic stimulus. Not only are cash mobs helping local businesses achieve financial success, they are creating everlasting customers and uniting people of the community.

What type of business is being mobbed?

The Echo Trading Co. is a green boutique specializing in natural fiber clothing, footwear, jewlery and accessories.

Why is this business worthy of a cash mob?

This boutique is sure to please all who love the planet. Time passes quickly while browsing through the store's enchanting and environmentally friendly selection. Echo Trading Co. is an unmatched boutique in the region.


1. A commitment to spend $20.00 or more on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 4:30pm.
2. Bring a friend.
3. Spread the good news at work, church, Facebook, and through Twitter.
4. Celebrate your purchases and participation at the cash mob afterparty at ION Restaurant.
5. Meet two new friends.
6. Cast a ballot for the next merchant who should have a Middletown Cash Mob.
7. Have fun!

(image from the Echo Trading Co. Facebook page)

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