Monday, September 3, 2012

House Concert Series Continues

                                       THE MIDDLETOWN HOUSE CONCERT SERIES presents:

                Paddy Keenan

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Saturday, Sept. 15 at 8pm
145 Margarite Rd. Ext., Middletown CT

Suggested donation: $2general, $12 students, $7 children 12 & under
For reservations and directions, please call Jody Cormack 860-983-7963 

Some have called Paddy Keenan “Johnny Doran incarnate”, to others he’s known as the pipers’ piper while, in [the words] of one reviewer, he’s the Jimi Hendrix of the uilleann pipes”. Together with his trademark wide-brimmed hats, Paddy Keenan’s piping is instantly recognizable, a consummate blend of fast-paced, tight fingering on the chanter in the Doran “open” style with a sublimely skilled – and often understated – harmonic accompaniment on the regulators. Added to this, his matchless skill as an improviser and the sheer soul of his performances have made Paddy Keenan one of the most exciting players of the last 50 years – in Irish music and in any genre. 


“Paddy Keenan has few peers in the world of traditional Irish music. For over thirty years he has focused on a simple but rarely attained goal: to present the music in its purest essence. Transcending the technical challenges of the uilleann pipes, flute and tin whistle, Paddy has consistently mined the rough ore of jigs, reels and airs, and worked and reworked their presentation until we, his audience, get to hear the real, pure, life-affirming beauty of them. If the end result is like water from a holy well, Paddy Keenan is surely one of the world’s best water witches!”—Tim O’Brien, 2001

 “Paddy Keenan is the piper’s piper, the best of the best.”—Zina Lee, Celtic CafĂ©, 2001

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