Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trucking Terminal To Add Maintenance Facility

The Planning and Zoning Commission approved plans to construct a shop for washing and repairing trucks at a large trucking terminal on Middle Street. The terminal was built and operated by Yellow Freight Trucking until a few years ago, when Yellow Freight was bought by Estes.

The economics of international and domestic shipping now make the Middle Street terminal attractive to Estes, and they have plans to reopen it.

Estes' plans were presented by Tim Coon, a civil site engineer. The Westfield Residents Association presented a letter to the Commission, in which they praised Yellow Freight for having built a well-designed terminal and being a good neighbor, but also asked the Commission to consider a requirement that the hours of operation be restricted to the daytime. Planning Director Bill Warner explained that this was not legally an option for the approval of the expansion, and Coon explained that trucking was a 24 hour a day business.

The Commission gave unanimous approval to the construction of the maintenance building.

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