Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Middletown Senior Community Center Informational Meeting Meet

        Middletown Senior/Community Center 

Informational Meeting

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Council Chambers
Middletown Municipal Building

                                      245 DeKoven Drive 

Public Input Encouraged

If you have any questions or need additional information about the workshop, contact Chair Ron Klattenberg, 860.604.1570
or Vice Chair Phil Pessina, 860.346.0348

Note: Both the Eckersley Hall Design and Mayor Drew's City Hall addition will be presented for public discussion


Anonymous said...

If you are a senior, care about one or plan to be one yourself some day, you MUST get behind the Eckersley Hall building project.
Get to the May 1 meeting. Make some phone calls. Let your thoughts be known.

The Blue Cat said...

Anonymous... You say MUST but you give no reason why?

Hard to persuade someone by just saying 'do this'.

Anonymous said...

Yes but the Mayors plan is bigger, better and new construction. If the baby boomers are going to use a senior center it better be big enough. I applaud the Mayor for putting his neck out for a Senior Center that looks to the future not just the imediate need.

Anonymous said...

The Mayors new plan makes great sence and keeps the seniors tied to the community and not off the beaten trail in south farms.

Anonymous said...

outh Farms area is not off the beaten track; it is about two miles from city hall, on a bus line, and could provide free parking. Everything needn't be downtown.

Anonymous said...

the mayors plan is a LOT smaller than the Eckersley Hall plan with a ridiculously lavish council chamber over looking the river

Wm Wallace said...

We have promised the seniors of our town a new senior center for 40 years now. Now the mayor is proposing something that is smaller than what the seniors have now without things like a kitchen and better parking to name a couple of things.

People need to come out and show their support for our senior community in going forward with Eckersley Hall and not wasting our time with the City Hall expansion.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see both plans and the costs involved before making my choice.

Anonymous said...

The Mayors plan provides significantly more space than Eckersley Hall with all the same uses and the same amount of 100 % dedicated parking just for seniors. Remember if Eckersley hall has 30 spaces at least 10 will be used b staff. In the Mayors plan staff will park at Mellilli lot and give 30 spaces to seniors with overflow of 200 spaces at Mellilli. New construction is cheaper and better !!

Anonymous said...

The senior center should first of all address the needs and interests of seniors with amenities equal to other senior centers of quality. It must not be designed primarily as a space for City Hall use. The vote was for a senior center, not an annex to City Hall!

Anonymous said...

how do you know all this?? no one has seen the mayor's secret plan! he just does and doesn't care like the secret china trip! meanwhile todd berch wants to turn tynan park into turd park!!!