Wednesday, April 25, 2012

City's Republican Voters Endorse Romney In Primary

Three weeks ago, it appeared that the results of the Connecticut presidential Republican primary election might have an impact on the nomination. For better or for worse, Mitt Romney wrested control of the nomination when Rick Santorum ended his campaign. Thus, Connecticut reverted to its usual role as one of the states which anoint the candidate who has already won the nomination in other states.

Statewide, Romney won 67.5% of the vote, Ron Paul 13.4%, Gingrich 10.3%, and Santorum 6.8%.

 In Middletown, Romney won 55.2% of the vote, Paul 19%, Gingrich 15.7%. Despite not campaigning in Middletown, Santorum won 9.3% of the Middletown Republican voters.

The turn-out in Middletown, as elsewhere in the state, was quite low: 14.5% of registered Republican voters went to the polls.

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Anonymous said...

How ignorant of voters to vote for candidates that are no longer running. What a waste!