Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Search for New Superintendent Intensifies

At this evening's Regular Board of Education Meeting, representatives from Cooperative Educational Service updated the board on the search for a new Superintendent. The search will proceed using a 4 phase process, with the first phase relying on community input to develop a list of desirable characteristics for the next Superintendent.

An online survey will be available from 26 April - 2 May for parents and community members to help identify those specific traits and skills desired (check the District website for this survey starting 26 April).

Parents and community members will also be able to participate in a Search Focus Group on Monday, April 30 from 6:30PM - 7:30PM. The location for this focus group is currently set for the Central Office, but may move across the street to Woodrow Wilson Middle School.

Once all community input has been collected, Cooperative Educational Service will put together an ideal candidate profile that it will use to recruit Superintendent candidates. All candidates will be ranked into a 3-tier system based on how their skills and traits compare to the "ideal" list. A Tier 1 ranking will mean a candidate is a very close match between ideal and actual skills. A Tier 2 ranking will mean the candidate has some desired traits, but not all, and Tier 3 candidates will be not recommended for hire. The BOE will then choose which candidates it wants to interview (from any tier), and CES will assist in the interview process.

The timeline for this process has been accelerated due to the fact that the BOE wants the new Superintendent to have input on other administrative hirings in the district: specifically, an Assistant Superintendent, a Principal, and other positions. CES acknowledged that it hoped to have the search finished by the end of June.


Mr B. said...

To all who read this and are active in the community please do what you can to get the word out on this. Many families in our town care but simply do not have the time to get involved and unfortunately it's the kids that suffer from the internal and narrow minded devotions that are made. Please get the word out! Two four six year terms in these positions equal a lifetime in our childerens lives. These are the times we need to hear input from as much the majority a possible.

Anonymous said...

Tom Serra was a principal he would make a great superintendent!