Thursday, April 26, 2012

How They Voted: Medical Marijuana

The State House of Representatives last night voted to approve a bill legalizing the medical use of Marijuana, by a vote of 96-51 (full story: CT News Junkie).

Here is how our city's delegation voted:
Christy Carpino (R, 32nd District): YES
Joe Serra (D, 33rd District): NO
Gail Hamm (D, 34th District): YES
Matt Lesser (D, 100th District): YES

Proponents of the bill expect the Senate and the Governor to support the bill. If they do, Connecticut would join New Jersey, Rhode Island, 16 other states in allowing medical cannabis.

The bill has a number of conditions on the prescription, production, sale, and use of medical marijuana that do not exist on prescription drugs.


Anonymous said...

Correction: C. Carpino is not a Democrat!

Anonymous said...

I'm relieved this passed. I can't believe anyone can actually be convinced to vote against this kind of bill, but Joe Serra is always around to surprise me.