Monday, April 2, 2012

Celebrity Sighting

Something I'd like to see: A flashmob on Main Street doing "Benny's Dispatch" from the Broadway show In the Heights.

It's a distinct possibility today, because the musical's creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is in town today giving a talk at Wesleyan, and local fans are blowing up the twittersphere with Lin sightings. He visited Neon Deli, and his old house on Washington Street, and hung out on Foss Hill, while tweeting the news to his 20,000 followers. Fans of the show (um...count me in) know that Miranda graduated from Wes in 2002, and wrote the first draft of Heights as a sophomore for a '92 theater production, and then went on to take the show to NYC where it won the Tony for Best Musical.

Thanks to Wesleying for breaking this story.

Anyway, I've been practicing the lyrics and I'm ready for that flashmob if anyone wants to join me. And if you like history (or you don't) and you haven't seen the Alexander Hamilton rap he did at the White House in 2009, then click here!

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Anonymous said...

That's just Lin-credible news!