Monday, April 16, 2012

Scenes from the Day - Silo, Goodbye.


17 acres of overgrown land off of Chamberlain Road in the South Farms area is now for sale. I have run by this 1700s-era farmland countless times, with its gutted colonial and crumbling silo, and have never passed without stopping and breathlessly admiring its wild beauty. I particularly appreciate the trees growing from inside the silo, a testament to how long it has been abandoned and the ability of nature to reclaim space once vacated by human activity. While I'd love for it to remain farmland, the future of the property and its silo are currently uncertain, so I felt it necessary to document during one particularly lovely sunrise.

Rachel is a Middletown-based photographer. Her work can be seen at


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. So wild and long-ago looking. Thank you.

newpawta said...

I'm sure it will be McMansions before long.

Anonymous said...

yes, one would never guess it was a dumping ground for decades..

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of wetlands in that 17 acres. The town should purchase it as open space and preserve it beauty and wildness.