Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunday at First Church ~ The Third Sunday of Easter

Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Church of Christ
Congregational (UCC)
190 Court St.
Middletown, CT

Come visit and worship with us.
First Church is an open and affirming congregation and we welcome you wherever you might be on life's journey.


Prelude           Allegro, from Spring                                       Antonio Vivaldi

Hymn             Forward Through the Ages

          Anthem           Rejoice In The Lord Alway                            Anon.
                                             The Senior Choir
Hymn              Blest Be the Tie That Binds
Offertory         Salem                                                              arr. Parker/Shaw
Hymn             Come, Let Us Join with Faithful Souls
          Postlude          Allegretto, from Spring                                   A. Vivaldi

Scripture Reading: Micah 6:6-8,  Acts 4:32-37

Sermon: The Family of Things

In the post-resurrection Jesus community, they “shared all things in common.” Echoes of the Hebrew prophets’ reminders that what counts, in the end, is taking care of each other: “do justice, love kindness…” Churches and their affiliated organizations, like First Church's Bee & Missionary Society, the one we celebrate on this day, strive to be the best embodiments we can of kindness, justice, service. For we all belong – in the words of poet Mary Oliver – “to the family of things,” backwards and forwards in time.

Church School: K-5 ~ Young Peace Makers Club

Special Recognition of Bee & Missionary Society
During worship Sunday, and at a special luncheon reception following, First Church will recognize and celebrate the Bee & Missionary Society, which is retiring after more than 150 years as a women’s ministry. Please plan to be with us to say thank you to “the Bees” for many faithful years of service and generosity.

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