Monday, June 8, 2009

Tree Falls To Buckled Sidewalk

This morning a contractor for the city toppled a Bradford Pear tree that stood in front of Javapalooza. The twenty-five foot tree was one of the taller, fuller trees on the East side of Main Street in the blocks between Washington and Court Streets. Sidewalk inspector Rick Romano told me that the tree was buckling the pavement (more than likely it was only bucking the fake brick closest to the curbing because evidence of buckling on the walkway is minimal) and so it had to be removed because it was causing a tripping hazard. Inspections of the sidewalk have taken place over the last three years. Bradford Pears are frequently planted because they offer spectacular flowering in the spring and fiery foliage in the fall, with plenty of shade in between. However, their branches are brittle and the trees often topple in wind storms.

The city's contract forester, Dana Whitney, has suggested replacing the tree with an amelanchier, or grandiflora. The replacement tree is expected to be purchased and planted within the next few weeks.


Mike at The Coffeehouse, 510 Main said...

These guys dumped large tree parts behind my Main Street business!

Anonymous said...

i would like to know more about the fake brick you mentioned and why the city feels it is necessary to spend money EVERY YEAR to replace the atrocious looking stuff when the real brick that was there previously looked fine and did not require the spraying of checmials which requires the workers to wear face maskes

Anonymous said...

You have gotta be kinding me,it wasnt real brick on Main St. Just look over near the banks, and at the south end near the green. The city has been gradually replacing it all because it was so broken up and dangerous. The industry knows stamped concrete is the way to go.

My only concern, Public Works should hurry up and finish the job.