Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thomas Edison students graduate

The eighth grade promotion at Thomas Edison Middle School (TEMS) in Meriden featured two Middletown students as speakers last night.  Drew Cietek and Amanda Balch were selected by TEMS administrators, based on their grades and an interview, to give the Scholar Leaders' Address.   

TEMS is a magnet school which takes about 40 students each year from Middletown, as well as students from Wallingford, Durham, and Middlefield.   The Middletown schools pay tuition for each student to the Area Cooperation Educational Services (ACES), which operates the school.  TEMS emphasizes technology; during the past few years, every student has been given a school laptop and extensive instruction and use of software for writing, web authoring, graphics, audio production, and computer animation.  

Drew and Amanda both spoke of their excitement, but also some of their regrets in leaving Middletown to go the interdistrict school. Both will be attending Middletown High this fall. 

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