Monday, June 29, 2009

Commissions have vacancies

Many of Middletown's leading elected officials began their public service after being appointed to one of the many Boards and Commissions which play an advisory role to the Mayor and Common Council. Democratic Majority Leader Tom Serra told me that his public service in Middletown began when he was appointed to serve on the Pension Board in the early 1970s.

These boards and commissions are established by ordinances passed by the Common Council. Anybody registered to vote in Middletown is eligible to serve on these commissions, however, state law requires a minimum representation from the minority (Republican) party. Serra said that it is not necessary to have expertise on a particular issue, because that can be acquired while serving.

A full list of these Boards and Commissions can be found on the Common Council's web page (scroll all the way to the bottom). The following commissions have vacancies:
  • Cable Advisory Board, can be either Party
  • Citizen Advisory Board, (at-Large, Banking/Insurance seat) can be either Party
  • Connecticut River Assembly
  • Long Hill Estate Authority, 3 open positions can be either Party
  • Senior Services, 2 vacancies, at least one must be Republican (or un-affiliated)
  • CVH Advisory Committee, one vacancy
  • Redevelopment Agency, one vacancy
  • Youth Services Bureau, to fill a vacancy until 9/09
All vacancies are filled by appointment by Mayor Giuliano, and confirmation by the Common Council. People interested in serving on a Commission should contact the Mayor's office (, 344-3400). Republican councilman David Bauer told me that people interested in getting involved in government can also contact him ( or 860-301-2244), or any other member of Common Council (Council Contact Information).

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