Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Village District Summer Potluck

Members of the Village District gathered for a beginning-of-summer pot luck, and while the while the conversations were largely of the, "where are you going on vacation," and "what are the kids doing" variety, Wednesday's Planning and Zoning meeting continued to surface as a focal point of discussion. At that meeting, the P&Z will consider allowing an exception for a house on College Street which seeks to rent offices in a home which currently doesn't have them. Most of the village district group is opposed to the exception since the group was formed around the concept of encouraging owner-occupied homes in a downtown district which was experiencing many residences being transformed into law offices, medical offices and academic offices. Some members are willing to consider an exception if the office is occupied by the homeowner, and the homeowner lives in the house.

The notice for tonight's P&Z public hearing reads:

1. Proposed Special Exception for an historic adaptive reuse of the property located at 196 College
Street to convert the second and third floors to an office use. Applicant/agent Venture One
Properties, LLC/David Kennedy SE2009-6

NOTE: This item has been tabled and will not be on the public hearing agenda Wednesday night because of unresolved current zoning violations at the address.

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Bill Warner said...

The owner has requested that the College Street application be tabled until next month.

There is an existing zoning violation on the property which the owner needs to clear up with the Zoning Enforcement Officer before going forward.