Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eye M - Dining Out

As you know Middletown has lots of great places to dine out, but we found an especially good deal this week. Having heard about the "Global Blanc with Chinese Cooking" dinner being offered by Forbidden City, my husband and I checked it out last night. This special wine pairing dinner, being offered through July 5, includes a first course of sesame cold noodles with chicken, paired with Cuarto Rayas Verdejo. Honey roasted pork on a steamed bun paired with Saint M Reisling was up second and the third course was Almond Crusted Lemon Sole, paired with Castel Banfi Pino Grigio. All of the menu items were beautifully presented and the portions were more than ample. The Noodles were pleasantly spiced and we enjoyed the unexpected texture of the cucumber on the slightly sweet steamed pork sandwich. The third course of fish was perfectly cooked, coated in crunchy toasted almonds and served over steamed baby choi sum (Asian vegetable). Looking back on dinner, I wish I had had the discipline to save some of the first and second wines to see how they would match up to the later dishes. If you decide to go have this meal, you might even want to ask for all the wines at the beginning of the meal, tasting each wine with each of the courses.

This delightful menu is available for lunch or dinner and can be had for the bargain price of $29.99 only if you make your reservations online and have the promotion code. Walk in or phone reservation can still get this special meal, but the cost goes up by $10.

To be on Forbidden City's mailing list and get the promotion code emailed to you, visit www.forbiddencitybistro.com. Forbidden City has been offering these special wine-pairing dinners about two times a month.

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Judy said...

Forbidden City is very nice, if your budget can afford it in these difficult economic times.

What I love most about Middletown are the many eateries offering awesome food for a reasonable price. Some of Middletown's other gems: Pattie Palace, Typhoon, Iguana Ranas, Pho Mai, Udapi Bhavan, and many more!