Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An EYEdeal opportunity to celebrate!!!!

Today marks the First Anniversary of the Eye, it has been an interesting year and a very lucrative year in the sense that this Blog has brought together the most unusual bed fellows with a multitude of differant opinions and feelings.
Let me start out by thanking Mr. Ed McKeon for his vision in a much needed forum for residents to be kept informed as well as excercise their First Ammendment rights, his vision has brought much insight into local politics and events. I would also like to personally thank Ed for the opportunity to contribute to the EYE this is an honor for me.
The logo which headlines the EYE is the ultimate vision for the City of Middletown being that it is a cyclops and the City sits in the center of the State as well, I am unsure if this was intended to be so but none the less it is just another view by one of its contributors.
In the years to follow I do believe that this type of media will be the norm and the mainstream way of communicating as is being done in Iran as we speak, the Internet has taken off faster than any other thing to date and there is no looking back. This is scary at times but we must embrace it and use it to our advantage to keep those who seek to destroy the quality of life, "that should be enjoyed by all", at bay.
We have been afforded a priceless opportunity to step up and serve the community through the voices of many and I would encourage all to take advantage of this, "speak loud with a soft voice and speak clear with a bright vision", and we will suceed in making Middletown a better place.
Congratulations Ed for your first anniversary and dedication to your dreams.

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