Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pipefitters Donate Fence and Labor for Harbor Park North

In the past few weeks in an effort spearheaded by Elizabeth Santangelo, and aided by the Jonah Center, the City of Middletown, the Lions, the Connection and individual volunteers, years of undergrowth (and over-growth), had been cleared from a hundred yards of Connecticut Riverfront at Harbor Park North.

A section of the park which was overgrown, dark, secluded and habituated by intimidating individuals, was cleared and the view to the river is unobstructed for the first time in decades.

When Santangelo asked Local 777 Pipefitters and Plumbers out of Meriden to help repair a chain link fence which had been bent out of shape by the invasive trees and vines, she got more than she bargained for. The union workers, who saw that the trees had enveloped sections of the fence, pulled the old fence out, and constructed a shiny new one.

The newly-cleared land will be a perfect place from which to watch July 2 fireworks on the river.

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