Thursday, June 25, 2009


(click here to see pictures of May tournament)

Friday, June 26th at 6:oo pm

This Friday, June 26th, we will be hosting a very fun, very informal basketball tournament at Donovan Park, next to Macdonough School between Spring and Stack Streets. This isn't about impressing people with your skill, it's about having fun with your neighbors. So, bring a friend, a kid, a spouse. This time, we'll have a DJ, as well.

Walk on down to the park. Play some b-ball. Eat a hot dog, we'll be cooking out. Bring a blanket and just lie out in the grass. This is a time for fun. At last month's event, there were roughly 200 people!

No need to sign up in advance, just show up with one or two friends or come alone and we'll put you on a team.

C'mon everyone, we need to start enjoying this amazing space in the middle of our city!

call 346-4845 or email for more information.

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