Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mayor Crushed by Brownstone Resolution

A controversy which erupted a an Economic Development Committee meeting a few weeks ago, flared again at the Common Council meeting Monday night.

Council member Ron Klattenberg again challenged the Mayor Sebastian Giuliano who gave permission for Ron Borrelli, a Republican member of the Planning and Zoning Commission to enter city property on Bow Lane to remove brownstone on the property where Buckeye Pipeline was demolishing houses as part of deal for an easement through the property.

Klattenberg read from an email from the Long Hill Estate written this month, claiming they could put the brownstone to good use at the estate.

Klattenberg then offered a resolution to have the brownstone returned by Borelli and donated to the Long Hill estate or be offered to the public in open bidding.

“The brownstone was irresponsibly given to a fellow party member,” Klattenberg charged.

The mayor, for his part, insisted that the brownstone was under the control of Buckeye Pipeline, from who Borrelli reportedly got permission to remove the brownstone.

Council member Gerry Daley entered the fray by accusing the mayor of giving permission to Borrelli to remove surplus property.

“I don’t know why you can’t just say it was a mistake,” Daley asked the mayor.

“Because it wasn’t. The brownstone was not in city control. Our agreement with Buckeye called for the demolition of the property at no cost of the city, with no reservation. If they wanted to let people pull shingles from the roof or go in and take plumbing out, that’s Buckeye’s prerogative.”

Borrelli himself asked to speak, and was allowed to, insisting that he went through all appropriate channels, and that if the city wanted the brownstone back, he would deliver it if they would pay for his labor.

“I’ll drop it on your doorstep,” he said, addressing Klattenberg.

When the question was called the ultimate vote of 7-5 requires the mayor to request that Borrelli return the brownstone.

“The Long Hill estate voted tonight. They don’t want the brownstone,” Borrelli informed the Council.

After the meeting Borrelli argued that the Council had made a mistake.

“They’ll pay for my labor, and in the end they’ll find that it’s going to cost them more than the brownstone is worth.”


Anonymous said...

Yet another example of how fiscally irresponsible the council majority is. How long are they going to play politics at taxpayers expense? These people need to get voted out.

Anonymous said...

Why do we argue about stone when we are raising txes again. Why don't we look for ways to save money instead of wasting our tax payers time. Lets look into combining our Fire departments it would save thousands in equipment duplication alone. Something like this makes more sense than throwing stones fellas.
south District Tax Payer

Anonymous said...

The City of Middletown needs a resolution to outs the Democratic Council Members!

Anonymous said...

I read the letter from the Long HIll Estate. Klattenberg approached THEM to see if they wanted it, which they didnt. It wasnt as if Long Hill estate even wanted or asked for them.

And if so... who would have removed it for them??? Deborah Moore from the Long Hill place??
I dont think so...

Let Borelli have it. It didnt cost us a dime.

Klattenberg...Why didnt you think of this before you voted to give the house to Buckeye???

Stupidity! Thats why.

Im so glad you not in the running for Mayor!

Add me to the list of disapointed Dems at you behavior.

Now if I understand we will have to pay Borreli for his labor.
Thanks Klattenberg for spending our tax money.

Theres alot of "hind" going on here...But not hindsight!

Anonymous said...

Dump the brownstone in the council chambers and let the Democrats take it home!