Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Clean-up All Over Town

On both ends of the downtown district, community clean ups are in progress today (I wasn't able to get to the North End Clean-up, so I hope someone took some photos).

At the municipal parking lot, it was complimentary shredding day. Residents rolled up with boxes of paper which Pro-shred reduced to confetti in their industrial shredder. Public works employees and volunteers also demonstrated the city's recycling capabilities and offered backyard composters ($54) and rain barrels ($70) for sale. The rain barrels are an ingenious recycling effort. Formerly olive shipping barrels, they're retrofit to collect rooftop rainwater from downspouts. Both the composters and rain barrels are available from the Public Works Dept.

At McCarthy Park neighbors and community volunteers gathered to cut brush, spread mulch, sand graffiti off of park benches, and protect newly-seeded hillsides.


Anonymous said...

wish i could have been there at the clean up- looks like you guys did a great job! please post if there are any more clean ups going on! well done!


Eye M said...

I walked by the park this morning and the improvements are obvious. Thanks to all who worked so hard.