Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Reading of New Play, "New Shoes"

Connecticut Heritage Productions will present a staged reading of
Kenneth Heaton’s new play, New Shoes, at Green Street Arts Center, 51
Green Street, Middletown, CT. on Saturday, April 25, 2009, at 7:00
P.M. The reading is open to the public and admission is free.

Set in the port city of Split on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia in
1997, New Shoes is a play about obsession, commitment and finding the
perfect fit.

Ivan Babic is the owner of a high-fashion women’s shoe boutique built
into the ancient walls of the palace constructed by the Roman Emperor
Diocletian. In an attempt to help out his long-time friend, Ivan hires
Boris Grgic, just back from the war, and tries to teach him the finer
points of ladies' fine footwear, taking every opportunity to impart
his own philosophies about shoes, feet, and women along the way. Boris
slowly warms to the job after discovering that selling beautiful shoes
provides the ideal venue for meeting beautiful women. But trouble
comes in the form of a severe-looking army captain named Smrkic. When
Smrkic intimidates Boris in the shoe store, Ivan seeks help from Sarah
Wilfred, an American journalist who is taking some well-deserved R&R
on the Riva following a harrowing stint of reporting the war from the
eastern sector. Sarah finds that Boris served under Smrkic and the two
share a disturbing secret – one that not only threatens the long-time
friendship between Ivan and Boris, but could also jeopardize the
budding romance between Sarah and Ivan. Will Ivan be able to salvage
the most important relationships of his life? Just when Ivan needs
guidance most, his hero, Salvatore Ferragamo, visits him in a dream,
bringing his unique perspective to the situation.

For more information contact Peter Loffredo, Artistic Director at 860
347-7771 or at

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