Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Middletown SI -- The Late Bloomers Take 1st Place in Wes IM Squash

Experience and good looks (with a little bad refereeing) beat out youth and charm on the Rosenbaum Squash Courts this week. Yes, you read that right: the "After Lunchers" took first place in the recent Intramurals Squash tournament at Wesleyan. The finals were held on Monday, late afternoon. It was all too exciting for words. So instead of a point-by-point recap, I'll just post some pics:

Here we are, after the match, proudly grasping our coveted chalices of victory. (I have it on good authority that Wesleyan students would kill to get their paws on these cups, so guard them closely.) Front row, left to right: Bill Wasch, Henk Meij. Back row, left to right: 'CJ' Caeser, Pao-Lin Tien, and yours truly.

The final set, between the number ones, was especially hard fought. Despite the tension, and some hapless refereeing, it ended congenially. This reporter thinks it might have ended differently if not for a few bad calls by the ref (the slackjawed fellow holding the clipboard). Personally I think the youngsters deserve a rematch

And how is this for amazing: Bill was at Wesleyan with his opponent Alexei's grand-father!

- photos by Shona Kerr

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