Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Garbage Cans to Disappear

The Common Council passed a resolution to approve new sanitation rules and guidelines Monday night, but not before they got an earful about garbage can scofflaws.

Church Street resident Elizabeth Emery urged the Council to tighten rules to prevent residents from leaving garbage cans on the curb all week long (a complaint recently aired here).

"Look at that gas station on Broad and William Streets," she complained. "The garbage cans are never taken in."

During questions to departmental directors, council member Robert Santangelo directed a similar query to Public Works director William Russo.

"When we get a complaint we take care of it right away," Russo said.

Santangelo claimed that his wife had complained several times on the topic without results.

"Maybe she was dialing the wrong number," Santangelo joked. "I know this is a problem because I used to have a neighbor across the street who never took the cans in, until the house burned down. At Page and Warner (the gas station on Broad and William), you heard a member of the public testify that the cans have been on the curb how long? Three years!"

"Between the health department and me," Russo finally vowed in exasperation. "We will be out on the street tomorrow and address every garbage can issue on the streets."

After the meeting Russo promised to take immediate action on any complaints his department receives about garbage cans left on the curb on days other than collection days. His office can be reached by calling 344-3408, or by email william.russo@cityofmiddletown.com.

1 comment:

Topher Polack said...

I see that eyesore everyday and it's scandal and an outrage that these cans are left out. We should take those cans down to the river, shoot them full of lead and toss them in a river. That will show those cans.

Or we could ask the nice folks at the gas station to bring the garbage cans in on Thursdays.