Monday, April 27, 2009

Milardo's View on Union Involvement in Budget Reductions

John Milardo, president of the Middletown Managers & Professionals Association, Local 6092. He regularly publishes a newsletter which has tackled contentious issues in town.

His latest issue, which was published on April 24, gives his take on the "concessions" and reductions that a coalition of Middletown unions have proposed to reduce the city budget.

Some of these proposals have proved to be controversial (closing Palmer Field on Sunday, charging 100% for all labor and costs for tournaments).

Milardo writes:

We understand what the Common Council has been saying, that we are in “tough economic times”, and to get out of it will “take tough decision making.” We have put our heads together with the City and brainstormed to come up what we think is a viable plan for not only today, but for the future. We understand it is hard for people to accept and understand change. As the Marine motto goes; “Adapt and overcome!” That is what we think we have done. It was our initiative to assist the City of Middletown during these tough times. No one held a gun to our head; they just asked.

The Common Council will address some of these issues in a budget hearing tonight at City Hall in Council chambers at 7:00 pm.

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