Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What did Middletown look like in 1877 and 1915?

This post is for anyone with an interest in Middletown, map lovers, history buffs, and those attending the Art Farm Conversation, What Will Middletown Look Like in 2030? Take a look at Middletown and her changes

between 1877 and 1915.
These maps; available for view in GREAT DETAIL, at the Library of Congress web site are just so gorgeous, they cried out to be shared. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. If you have troubling opening the link I've supplied, go to Library of Congress, American Memory, and search Middletown, CONN. (if you type in CT you come up with a blank). I found that window size 680x480, download JPEG image gave the best results. Be patient it will take a while to load the images to high quality resolution. The detail is amazing!

The link below is also from the LOC and shows the New Haven, Middletown, Boston, Railroad line dated 1867. The image to the left is just a teaser! The map of the railroad can be found at:

This last image is "borrowed" from The Society of Middletown First Settlers Descendant web-site, which Jen Alexander first alerted readers to in a December 2008 blog post; Making History. The link to their web site is below.


Bill Warner said...

It is also very interesting to look at the 1934 and 1965 aerial photos available from the state at, virtually no development outside of the downtown..all farms

Anonymous said...

1934 Aerials-

1965 Aerials-