Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rant; but this time it is the Earth Week RANT presentation!

Celebrate Earth Day with Wesleyan Professor Brian Steward's Second Annual Earth Week Rant. Thursday April 23 at Wesleyan in Exley 58, 4:30. Brian took time from his busy schedule to speak and participate in the Transition Town, Middletown gathering hosted by Art Farms, at the Russell Library on Tuesday. His presentation to the gathering was brief, as intended, he encouraged us to come to his lecture to learn more about when oil production might peak world wide, in the States, and where that has already happened or is happening now (Norway, Mexico). He is fairly certain that the US is close to peak, sometime between now and the next 20 years. How will the country and world respond to the loss of this non-renewable resources, that has fueled the economy for the last 100 years?. What can science predict? Hear about that "wildcard" of the effects of Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change that adds to the drama. I was not in attendance last year, but others report that Brian is highly entertaining and informative in his "rants". Brian is currently teaching a course on The Physics of Sustainability, and this summer he teaches a GLSP course at Wesleyan titled, Energy and Humankind: The Global Energy Budget and the Future of Human Societies.

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