Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wesleyan's WESU Is The Punch Line on CBS Situation Comedy

Carter Bays, a Wesleyan gard, and the c0-creator of the CBS sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, apparently sprinkles Wesleyan inside jokes in the show's script.

Here's a segment where Wesleyan's radio station, WESU-FM, takes its lumps. You can tell it's fiction because the radio station is not on the third floor of the student center next to the game room, but above Broad Street Books. You can get a cool WESU t-shirt by donating here.

But station manager, Ben Michael, also points out that WESU-FM receives kudos in an article in the Christian Science Monitor. The article is about the station's Youth Radio Project.
(Photo: Barbara Sloan, Christian Science Monitor)

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Anonymous said...

If you have not listened to WESU lately - try again. I love listening to BBC news in the very early morning and the late afternoon local programming is a great service to Middletown. Support WESU !!!!!