Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Clarification On Public Comments at P&Z

There was a bit of email discussion today about whether public comments would be accepted about certain item agendas for the Planning and Zoning Commission.

According to city planner, Bill Warner, public commentary on any item for which a "public hearing" is scheduled takes place only at that public hearing.

Public hearings are required for all special exceptions, all zone changes, and all subdivision requests.

So, for tonight's meeting these items will not be up for public comment, but will be scheduled for a public hearing at another (likely the next) P&Z:

- Proposed special exception for Sober House at 133 South Main
- Proposed site plan review to construct a pharmacy with a special exception for a drive-thru at the intersection of Main Street Extension and East Main
- Proposed lot subdivision located in Home Depot Plaza
- Proposed special exception for definition of family for 27 Bacon Avenue (sober house)
- Proposed special exception to allow a cafe (The Shadow Room) in Metro Square

And while a special exception is not required for the Buckeye Pipeline, they have requested one.

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