Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Local Artist on HGTV!

Local artist and charity founder, and one of the super cool women I admire of M-town, Wendy Black Nasta appeared on HGTV this morning. Her studio in Middletown is also showcased.

The filming crew from HGTV in California arrived in Wendy's studio to film her making a pewter bowl. This segment aired on the television show, "That's Clever." The show aired originally this morning , on HGTV at 8:00 am. The episode number is HCLVR-422 if you missed it and want to catch it on the network's website or at later air dates on HGTV-

Wendy is a local artist who works with precious gems, silver, pewter and many other materials. She also teaches her craft in her studio in Middletown. Personally, I also know she is a great cook, talented singer, and painter!

To her credit, she is also the founder of Artist for World piece. At the center of this cause is the International Peace belt made by Wendy, featuring coins from around the world. The belt has been used in local dances across the globe.

For more about this incredible local lady see links to her charity site and jewelry site below!

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