Monday, February 23, 2009

Police Chief Baldoni Plans to Retire July 1

Mayor Sebastian Giuliano confirmed rumors that Police Chief Lynn Baldoni has told him that she plans to retire at the completion of her contract on July 1. He said he has not yet received a official follow-up letter of her intent to retire.

Rumors have circulated through town that Baldoni would be leaving as part of a group of city employees who have taken an option to retire early, which has been offered by the city, with the incentive that employees would be allowed to remain in the city's HMO for retirement health benefits.

Giuliano said that Baldoni could retire and receive health benefits as defined by her contract.

Giuliano said that the offer to all city employees has been successful in his eyes, and that several employees have already responded to the offer, which has a March 1 deadline.

Giuliano would not confirm the number of employees who have responded, but suggested it was significant. He also could not confirm reports that more than one city director has taken the option to retire. He indicated that the attrition due to retirement would be a benefit to the city in difficult economic times as long as the city did not immediately try to backfill positions which are not immediately necessary.

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