Sunday, February 8, 2009

Moonrise over the Connecticut River


Barrie said...

This was a lovely moonrise. As the sun went down in the west, the moon came up in the east. When worldly things do not go exactly as planned, it is good to have heavenly images like this to remind of a landscape larger than an individual view. Thanks, fishmuscle, for sharing.

joseph getter said...

Lovely shot from a great vantage point! By coincidence, I was driving past that same area at 5pm, and thus saw nearly exactly what you saw. It was stunning, a huge pale moon rising. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Italian Moonrise

"If we can move fast enough we can be there when the moon rises. First it will be orange and amber, like Rome on the opposite side, glowing like the remnant of a bonfire.

"For a moment the amber moon to the east and the amber city to the west will seem to be mirror images, and from the height of the ridge we'll watch them face one another as if they were two cats on either side of a fence. Then, as the moon comes up in ten thousand colors, we can have a drink and eat some chocolate--it's better than watching a movie."

from A Soldier of the Great War, by Mark Helprin