Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Place to Play, A Place to Learn

Ready. Set. Begin.
 The month of March ushers in lions or lambs or some other animals ( I forgot how that goes..) and also Connecticut Mastery Testing. CMT's are used by the state to measure how students are doing as a general population within their district, grade, and individual school. Individual's scores may also determine placement for other programs.
 I'm sure many, many colorful pie charts and graphs are created with this information to determine where funds should go to reward schools with high scores and help troubled schools. In all seriousness, these tests are very important.

Business owner/police officer and mom is offering up her business A New World Laser Tag as a venue for students to study and prepare for the CMT's free of charge and distraction-less.  
The website : found on many of the individual Middletown elementary and middle schools' websites is a suggested site for practice test taking and educational games. 

In her email to me, Ms. Duffy writes: "I also wanted to let people know that we have 12 high speed computers; in preparation for the CMT tests we are allowing students to use these computers as no charge for one hour per day to go on the website My two sons are Middletown students and I learned about this website through their schools. Evey student has a login ID and pass word given to them at school so they can practice for CMT tests. I know how important these tests are and I know that many students do no have access to computers at home, so this is a way they can practice for CMT tests."

Do you moonlight as a level 12 "Dungeon Master"?  If  the acronym MMORPG means anything to you like it does to me, you would find it helpful to know A New World Laser Tag now has a new component: Underworld Gaming to fufill all your gaming needs. Doesn't Red vs. Blue mean anything to you?

A New World Laser Tag is located on Main Street. More infor can be found on the website :

Pencils down.

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