Saturday, October 26, 2019

Vote YES on Question 1 to preserve MIddletown's Farms and Open Space

On the Nov. 5 ballot, there will be a question asking voters if the city should borrow up to $5 million for acquisition and preservation of farmland and open spaces.  This could preserve hundreds of acres.

Vote ‘YES’ on Question # 1 

·       To help preserve the scenic and rural character of our city.
·       To help protect wildlife habitat and the health of Middletown's environment.

·       To help save the city money.  Residential development actually costs much more in city services than it generates in taxes.

·       To help preserve working farms and local agricultural products and jobs.  Over 4,000 acres of Middletown farmland have been lost in the past.

·          To help provide outdoor recreational opportunities for Middletown residents.


Anonymous said...

I will vote "No". Not because I object to the notion of open space, but because I don't think it's responsible to give someone a $5 million pot of money with no idea how it will be spent. We should have learned our lesson with the $33 million parks pot o' gold.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be better spent on Schools?