Friday, October 11, 2019

Running from the "R" Word

COMMENTARY and DISCLAIMER: Ed McKeon is a Democratic candidate for Common Council on Row A.  This is Ed's opinion, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of his running mates or of other authors on this website. 

At a recent fundraiser, mayoral candidate Seb Giuliano, and Council candidate Mike Marino both stated that talking about national politics during a local campaign was irrelevant.

I guess I'd feel the same reluctance if talking about national politics meant that I'd have to admit possible association with Donald Trump.

Maybe, they're running from the "R" word.

That "R" word they don't want to say is (shhhhhhhh!), Republican.

What party is missing from this sign?
Look to your heart's content at their campaign material and you won't see it.  No "Republican."

Lawn signs?  No "Republican."

Handout shopping bags?  No "Republican."

Facebook page?  No "Republican."

Mayoral candidate website.  No "Republican."

One can only assume it's intentional - "if we don't say it, maybe they'll think we're one of them."

What exactly are the "B" team afraid of?

Maybe the "B" team still hasn't gotten comfortable with admitting in these difficult times that they're (mumble, shuffle, mumble) Republicans.  After all, several of them have had strong associations with Democrats.

Giuliano admits he grew up a Democrat, and respects many of those Dems his parents voted for.  In fact, he seems to admire Democrats so much that he recently sent emails to many Middletown Democrats claiming that his values might match theirs.

Back to associations with national politics.

It's my own belief that some people who support the current president might share, or support his "values."

Fortunately, many Republicans don't share his values.

Still, when it comes to the environment, public schools, social justice, race, tolerance, immigration and choice, the national issues shaped by the president and his congress very likely hit home right here in Middletown.

Giuliano and Marino claim those "national" values are not worth considering.  Nothing to see here, move along.

What's clear, in this very Democratic town of Middletown, that embraces the Democratic values of justice, equality, empathy and compassion, is that in an election year, it"s good to be a Democrat.

So, this year in particular, Democrats, vote Democratic.

And Republicans, if you're too bashful to admit your party affiliation, join the party and vote Democratic too.


Adam Aceto said...

Middletowneye has become a partisan dumpster. Maybe I should be glad you guys are letting it all hang out, but I liked it better when everyone pretended to be a little objective.

Deb Milardo said...

Ed. I respect you. I am voting for you. I am a Democrat. I am also voting for Seb Guiliano and Mike Marino. Why split my vote? Because that is exactly what we should be doing! I'm voting for the people who matter the most, those that can best directly effect this community. There are some Republican's and Democrats that I won't support. Why? Because I do not believe in what they present as best for Middletown. Democrats endorsed Vin Lofreddo. This man literally spit in my face during a fit of rage at a councilmanic committee to the point that I actually filed a Zero Tolerance Complaint against him. Does he have or deserve my vote... hell no.

I've obviously worked for Seb and I have known Mike Marino for over 20 years. Not once have they ever said they aren't "Republican's". They are what they are, just like you and I are Democrats. I could make the same argument you make about Trump and apply it to Malloy and Lamont. Malloy and Lamont killed Connecticut through taxation. I'm trying to retire and be a "grandparent" but I can't afford both property taxes and a mortgage payment on a pension. The very sad part of that is my pension is a municipal pension which is, without a doubt, far better than what the average Joe would receive in the private sector. At the national level I won't support Trump and I'm leaning toward Biden or Harris. Why? Because I don't want to see my rights or the rights of others erased. You painted two local candidates with a very broad brush and I think unjustly so. If I was to take your analogy I would NEVER vote democratic in Connecticut for anyone at any level based upon what has been thrust upon us by democratic State leadership. We agree that Trump is a disaster but I think you also must look prospectively and admit that State leadership under democratics has been disastrous. I know it's election season and everyone is saying vote row A or row B. My feeling is vote for the best. Learn what the candidates are all about. Quite frankly I would love to see a split ticket where a minimal difference exists between parties and maybe, just maybe, the politics will be put aside and the elected boards will have no choice but to work collectively. Wishful thinking perhaps but my thinking none the same.

I am not anonymous. Wishing you the best in the election.

Deb Milardo

Adam Cohen said...

Hi Deb,

Seb Guiliano believes businesses should be allowed to deny service to LGBTQ people on the basis of being LGBTQ.

He wants to cut funding for our schools. We're already an Alliance District, one of the 30 lowest performing districts in the state with students with the highest need.

He doesn't believe in climate change and would be in charge of renovating the Riverfront.

I urge you to look more deeply into what the candidates stand for. Guiliano winning would be disastrous for me and the people I care about.