Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Last Mayoral Forum, Tonight, Tuesday October 29 7PM, Keigwin

Live video feed here, beginning at 7PM.


Stephen Smith said...

Hopefully there will be another question about climate change and the audience will be treated to another tirade from Mr. Giuliano about how he would believe the experts "hawking" the theory (evidence?) more if they weren't "flying around in private jets" and "living in houses that use more energy in a day than our houses use in a year." What evidence does he have to support his hawking of that theory?

It was probably a good thing for him that he was cut off by the moderator for having used up his time while angrily scolding the questioner with, "Don't shake your head!" I assume he was talking to her, but she wasn't the only one shaking her head.

Used up his time, indeed.

Jennifer Cimilluca said...

Was this forum, or any of the others, recorded?