Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Opinion: To The Residents of Middletown

Submitted by Councilman and Democratic Town Chair Robert Blanchard.
Election season is upon us, and this year’s election is critical for a variety of reasons. Middletown is an evolving, inspiring and welcoming city that has quickly become a community that surrounding towns and cities envy. The ability to grow Middletown’s standing as a city with a vibrant downtown, endless economic potential and schools that lift up all children, will depend on the next generation of leaders we elect this November.

We need leaders who are not afraid to make difficult choices to keep our city on a responsible fiscal path while dedicating the resources needed to boost our economy and further improve schools. Those leaders are Ben Florsheim and the slate of Democratic candidates for Common Council, Board of Education and Planning & Zoning.

Over the last few years, we have led the way on green environmental initiatives, taken an abandoned corporate campus and turned it into a bustling shipment facility, kept our city affordable and worked diligently to close the opportunity gap for our children, so they can have a future full of opportunity and promise.

The slate of Democratic candidates have the vision to expand and build upon the city’s efforts in creating a more environmentally-friendly community, attracting new businesses and residents to the region by implementing both business-friendly and family-friendly policies, and they are committed to making sure every child is given the tools needed to succeed in and out of the classroom.

The consequences of this election could not be greater. We have all seen at the federal level what happens when those consequences are not taken seriously--we've already seen what we get with some of candidates running this year.

This year, we can actually choose to act and to make our voices heard by electing a team of candidates who are not afraid to make the bold choices needed to raise Middletown’s profile locally and statewide.

This year’s Democratic team of candidates are the right balance of experience and newcomers who bring critical energy to our community and each have a vision that propels Middletown forward.

On Nov. 5 vote Row A for change and to keep moving us forward.

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