Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Upside Down Flag-Likes Are Gone Replaced by Another David Schulz Roadside Editorial


Judy said...

I love your new comments.
Judy in Middletown

Anonymous said...

It's easy to agree that Democracy is indeed at risk. And voting is the method provided to the citizens to right the ship of state. The real question when you step into the voting booth is who to vote for:

Taxes are choking the state.
Budget deficits keep sky rocketing.
Infrastructure is suffering with poor management.
DMV wait lines are still ridiculously long, even with an IT upgrade.

So, do we vote to keep the same inept politicians in place so they can continue to foul up the system or should our vote against the status quo? Democrats have been running this state for generations. Connecticut ranks last or near last in cost of living, etc. Businesses and residents are leaving the state because it is not a cost effective state to live in. In my humble opinion, the smoke signals are saying vote the inept bums out.

Fred Culver said...

the caption shows how out of touch the left really is. Only have to look at the mesh that the state is in to see how inept the Democratic party is. Comment from a Democrat